Special Occasion Poems

Sometimes it is lovely to write a special poem for a friend to mark a significant event. Here are three I’ve written. If you’d like to use them please feel free – I only ask for credit and a donation to www.saidiacc.org. If you’d like me to make them more personal just email me at brionybax@yahoo.com and we can work on it together.



Through all the years of families and work,

of travels, husbands, sisters, pets and home.

Lovers, divorces and the demons we cannot shirk – 

our patchwork ways of living – see what we’ve sewn.

And through the years our friendship stays strong,

though distance weaves her inevitable spell.

Now dear friend let all self-doubt be gone,

your intelligence and strength will serve you well.

What adventures will we have from here?

How will we use this precious time?

Grab the future – let us ditch our fear.

Just do the things you want. Don’t toe the line.

So, raise a glass to courage and heed the rallying call.

To living fearlessly, the muse that conquers all.


LONG LOVE by Briony Bax

It began many moons ago with that heady kiss

The memory makes us tingle and yearn to reminisce.

The blushing bride now a wise and elegant granny

The groom confident and patient – far from that nervous laddie.

But what of long love and how does it endure?

In these days of high divorce rates is there a cure?

We can’t pretend that all married life is blissful

Sometimes we trip up and err on the sinful.

Sex becomes akin to Victoria sponge cakes

Nibbled at weekends and enjoyed after wakes.

After a skinful one sometimes gets frisky

Men, for peak performance stay well off the whisky.

Our bodies change and develop strange bulges

We try hatha yoga and green smoothy indulges.

Doctor’s surgeries are places we now frequent

On-line bridge keeps us all quite content.

Our children grow-up and decide to multiply

We tend our gardens and grapple greenfly.

But just what is the secret to keeping a spouse?

It’s cheaper to stay married – you won’t lose the house.

But for reference, I suggest that we examine our hosts

While not perfect, they try their upmost.

I say be thankful and follow their lead.

Practice respect, kindness, and anticipating need.

So, raise a glass to a miracle and the lasting of things.

And drink to long love and the joy that it brings.

WEDDING POEM  by Briony Bax          

Within the ancient walls of this historic church

Whose paths so many in our wake have trod.

Where roses tumble and branches dance,

We gather in soft afternoon light to witness the age-old ceremony,

Of two lovers pledging their lives to one another.

Our wishes for them could not be simpler:

Hold each other tightly but not so you cannot breathe.

Wallow in your love but never to the exclusion of others.

Be honest with each other but chose your words wisely.

Debate your opinions with passion

and open your minds to big ideas and adventures.

Save for your future by being thrifty but

Be generous in times of good fortune.

During the bad times be patient and hopeful.

During the good times be humble and grateful.

Your love will shift with the seasons and change

through the years.  Treat it with care.

Give it the attention it deserves – even in busy times.

Love is the most precious thing you have – cherish it.

Be kind to your elders – they may not be here for long.

And always, always respect your parents.

So, within these well-worn walls,

Where history walks beside the present,

Where roses tumble and branches dance,

Let’s celebrate the joy of today.

In this marriage let your two hearts blend

and may your enduring love inspire us all.

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