Special Occasion Poems


Sometimes it is lovely to write a special poem for a friend to mark a significant event. Here is one I’ve written for a 60th birthday. If you’d like to use it please feel free – I only ask for credit and a donation to www.saidiacc.org. If you’d like to commission me to write a personal poem or sonnet just email me at brionybax@yahoo.com and we can work on it together.



Through all the years of families and work,

of travels, husbands, sisters, pets and home.

Lovers, divorces and the demons we cannot shirk – 

our patchwork ways of living – see what we’ve sewn.

And through the years our friendship stays strong,

though distance weaves her inevitable spell.

Now dear friend let all self-doubt be gone,

your intelligence and strength will serve you well.

What adventures will we have from here?

How will we use this precious time?

Grab the future – let us ditch our fear.

Just do the things you want. Don’t toe the line.

So, raise a glass to courage and heed the rallying call.

To living fearlessly, the muse that conquers all.



My poetry pamphlet Lament will be published by Rough Trade Books in May 2020 and I’m delighted that the virtual launch will be on 6th May 2020 at 6pm London time at http://roughtradebooks.com in their Events section. Here is the publisher’s blurb:

‘Briony Bax leads the reader through the brutal world of mental illness and specifically an account of an individual’s journey with schizophrenia. A world where sections, court rooms, locked wards, tribunals and assessment centres form the backdrop of the daily living of sufferers and caregivers. Through honesty and testimony, it shines a light on the disastrous effects of government austerity measures on the mentally ill.”

You can purchase a copy at http://roughtradebooks.com/editions/lament/ and all money I receive will be donated to MIND. I’m available for readings both virtually and in person after lock down.